Wooden surface for pictures (GIMP)

To add a real hint of wood to your drawing.

In Gimp (or any other image editing software)

Scan your drawing, or make a photo of it.

Open drawing in Gimp (or photoshop)

Open photo of wooden surface in Gimp.

Select wooden surface and add as layer in your drawing.  Edit > paste as > layer

With “layers/stack” select your drawing and lower the woorden surface to bottom. Layer> Stack > Layer to bottom

(Safe your work often)

Add alpha channel  layer > transparancy > ad alpha channel

Select part of drawing to make it look like wood

Select with free select tool (lasso ) or any other select tool

Delete selection (cmd-X)

(Safe your work often)

Now you should see the wooden surface.

Merge down layers  Layers> merge down.

Safe your drawing (export to …)

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