Why a Pen name, the use of a pseudonym, Tell-tales, Elena Ferrante,

pen nameElena Ferrante is a pseudonym or Pen Name. One journalist who  in my eyes is very much to be
blamed  did publish the real name of the author behind that pseudonym. British novelist Matt Haig tweeted, “Think the pursuit to discover the ‘real’ Elena Ferrante is a disgrace and also pointless. A
writer’s truest self is the books they write.”

Being a pseudonym myself, I do have my thoughts and opinions about pseudonyms and about revealing a valuable secret like a pseudonym. The use of my pseudonym started in about januari 2016 to present a story as being written by the fictional character in the #ds106 western story.

In most languages a special word exists for revealing secrets, to betray a persons real name or deeds. Children do have magic formulas to defend secrets and to accuse who think revealing a secret is nice, like tell-tale-tit.

Your tongue shall be slit,
And all the dogs in the town
Shall have a little bit.

My guess is talebearer, tattletale, telltale, are the right English words for a sneaky ratty traitor of secrets like a pen name. I must guess some words because I am a simple undertaker from a Western story, an immigrant from far away.

Rumpelstiltskin was the name of an imp in the story with that name. In psychology the  Rumpelstiltskin Principle is about the value and power of using personal names and titles is well established in psychology, management, teaching and trial law. Was Elena Ferrante a victim of a maniac with a
Rumpelstiltskin syndrome?

Having another persona gives an artist freedom, because an artist with a pseudonym can say or write what she or he could not say without that persona.
Sometimes a pseudonym is a way to protect the privacy of the artist.
In my opinion the pseudonym will influence the art of the artist, the choice of subjects and even the style. That is why a pseudonym could be a very necessary or useful strategy for an artist. Experience learns the truth of this magic influence of a pen name.

Alexandra Schwarz in the New Yorker: for artistic mystery of the true kind—mystery that
isn’t concocted as a publicity play but that finds its origins in the writer’s soul as a prerogative of his or her ability to create.
The pen name is part of the statement the artist makes in clothing, appearance. In that way it is part of the works of art. It is the background or context behind the work of art. Women do use pen names to avoid being (mis-)treated as female authors. In contrast, some male romance novelists have used female pen names.

The image was copied from http://106tricks.net/western106/what/ and remade to a #gif with use of the GIMP.

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